INUANIMA is an experimental music - and performance - duo consisting of Aviaja Lumholt (Inuit/Danish) and Igor Rado (Balkan / Danish). Their music is a quest for a contemporary universal sound inspired by shamanic traditions, especially their own indigenous cultural heritage, Inuit, Balkan and Scandinavian. Inuanima describes their music as a tribute to the multicultural positive coexistence between nature and humans. Inuanima is the duo's word for "The Soul of Everything".

INUANIMA er en eksperimenterende musik- og performance - duo bestående af Aviaja Lumholt (inuit/dansk) og Igor Rado (balkan/dansk). Deres musik er en søgen efter en nutidig universel lyd inspireret af shamanistiske traditioner, især deres egen oprindelige kulturarv, inuit, Balkan og skandinavisk Inuanima beskriver deres musik som en hyldest til det mutikulturelle og en positiv sameksistens mellem naturen og mennesket. Inuanima er duoens ord for "Alting's Sjæl"

Inuanima from the tribute concert to Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Copenhagen january 2024 





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INUANIMA was formed in 2019 by Aviaja Lumholt and Igor Rado. They met during a music project in Narsaq, South Greenland. INUANIMA played their debut concert in freetown Christiania, Copenhagen. Since then they have played all over Denmark as well as Greenland, Switserland, Germany, Finland, Faroe Islands and Iceland. The music and performance is inspired by Inuit drum- and mask dancing. 

INUANIMA contains the meaning Human -Soul -Animal. INU is a short form of the Greenlandic word, Inuk (Human). INUA means "The spirit of everything", and the word ANIMA is the latin term for the word, Soul (a breathing creature).

Igor Rado is born and raised in Denmark, with parents from ex-Yugoslavia. He has a Master in Film Composition from the Danish National Academy Of Music. He is a producer, multi instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, performer and video-maker. He has worked as a film actor in Danish TV series i.a. The Killing 2, and a leading role in the feature film Everything Will Be Fine. In 2016 he created a solo performance - Algorithms On Temper. An hour of performance, music and video as a study in finding the artist in oneself.

Aviaja Lumholt is a greenlandic/danish singer, pianist, composer, performer, drumsinger and mask-dancer. She has a Master from the Rhythmic Music Conservatory in Copenhagen, and was trained in maskdancing from the greenlandic theatre, Tuukkaq. She grew up in both Greenland and Denmark, and has also lived in Japan, Germany and the USA. She now lives in Copenhagen. In 1996 she recieved the Roland Music Price for mixing inuit drumsinging with contemporary music. Aviaja has explored inuit culture and nature philosophy on many stays in especially North Greenland, and has done music- and maskdancing workshops in several countries i.a. Greenland, Denmark and Alaska. She has been a feature artist on many albums, film- and theater soundtracks, tv-shows and in the radio, and performed with artists from all over the world.