THE ROARING SEA is a performance concert about the inuit myth, Mother Of The Sea.

The show is an interpretation of the ancient myth and centers around psychological aspects that the myth contains.



Is a performance concert, freely created on the Inuit myth of Sassuma Arnaa - Mother of the Sea, The goddess of all living creatures in the Arctic Ocean. She is Immap Inua, the Soul of the Sea. Her past is, according to the legend, grim. Originally, she was a young woman among the humans who was forced to marry a man - who turned out to be a raven-man. With the help of her father, she one day tries to escape from her unhappy marriage. The Raven Man pursues them out to sea, and in desperation she is tragically thrown into the waves by her own father. She drowns but at the same time experiences her destiny unfolding. Because of the failure she has experienced, she can become very angry and vindictive, especially when humans become too greedy. She sometimes hides the sea creatures in her hair, so that the humans cannot catch them.
According to the original Inuit tradition, it has been the task of the Angakkoq / Shaman to travel down to Sassuma Arnaa at the bottom of the sea to untangle her giant lures and thus free the animals of prey.

It is therefore a difficult task for the Angakkoq to go on a trance journey, out of his body, down to the bottom of the sea in order to comb the sea animals out of Sassuma Arnaa`s huge mane, so that the possibility of catching can once again be created.


Er en performance koncert, frit skabt over den inuitiske myte om Sassuma Arnaa -Havets Moder, som sidder på havets bund og hersker over alle levende væsner i det arktiske ocean. Hun er Immap Inua, Havets Sjæl. Hendes fortid er, ifølge sagnet, grum. Oprindelig var hun en ung kvinde blandt menneskene, der blev tvunget til at gifte sig væk med en mand der viste sig at være en Ravnemand. Med hjælp fra sin far forsøger hun en dag at flygte fra sit ulykkelige ægteskab. Ravnemanden forfølger dem ud på havet og i desperation bliver hun på tragisk vis kastet i bølgerne af sin egen far. Hun drukner, men oplever samtidig sin skæbne udfolde sig. På grund af det svigt hun har oplevet kan hun blive meget vred og hævngerrig, især når menneskene bliver for grådige. Hun gemmer sommetider havdyrene i sit hår, så menneskene ikke kan fange dem.
Ifølge den oprindelige inuit tradition har det været åndemanerens opgave at rejse ned til Sassuma Arnaa på havets bund for at udrede hendes kæmpe lokker og dermed frigøre fangstdyrene.

Det er derfor en svær opgave for åndemaneren at tage på trance rejse, ud af sin krop, ned på havets bund for at redde havdyrene ud af hendes kæmpe manke, så der igen kan skabes mulighed for fangst.

" Thank you Inuanima with Aviaja Lumholt and Igor Rado for a completely sublime experience in the Nordic House tonight. I thought I was going to a concert, but it was so much more than that! You two beautiful, talented people took us on an enchanting journey through the legend of Sassuma Arnaa (Mother of the sea). Voices, harmonies, dance, melody, masks, instruments, throat singing and drum dancing. I am touched completely into the soul. Thanks."  (spectator at The Nordic House, Faroe Islands)

The arctic shark - Eqalussuaq - is the shamans spirit animal. It is blind, but equipped with special abilities when it comes to orientation. Eqalussuaq is the one who guides Angakkoq - the inuit Shaman down to Mother of the Sea.